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Emergency Power Systems and Backup Generators for Business

How you ever experienced a blackout?

If so, you know first-hand how a power loss can hurt your business.

  • Customer service debacles
  • Lost revenues the minute there is a disruption in operations or sales
  • Loss of access to critical data, causing a major setback in the business continuity
  • Examples of failures with temperature control leading to consequences are food, medicine, or biological samples
  • There is a higher risk of malfunctions in life-sustaining equipment for hospitals and medical practices

To ensure the smooth flow of business, you need a power source that won’t fail when you need it most. Investing in an emergency generator can ensure your business will stay up and running through any crisis before it hits unexpectedly.

Whether you are looking for a commercial electrician for repairs or installation projects, including emergency generator installation, contact Commercial Electric DFW to discuss your project!

How Emergency Power Systems Work

A commercial emergency power system contains these components:

The first consideration is the generator, which produces power with propane, natural gas or gasoline, or diesel fuel.

Second, an ATS, or Automatic Transfer Switch is important. This device monitors the power coming from your local utility company and flips on the generator if it loses power. Once the power to the building has been restored, this device turns off automatically to prevent the chance of over-using energy. Emergency power systems are made by combining two components: a generator and an uninterruptible power supply, or ATS.

More than just the order of electrical operations, emergency egress lighting is important too. This type of lighting needs to be installed in exit paths so people can evacuate a building if they lose power or otherwise are disrupted. Emergency battery-operated backup power supply sources are typically used to provide the function for computers and other devices such as telecom equipment when there is a loss of power and/or disruption. In the event that the generator runs out of gas or is incapable of being repaired, these two systems can provide backup.

Investing In Emergency Power For Your Business

Considering the short- and long-term costs of lost power, the average commercial generator starts at around $6-1o,000 depending on the amount of power needed. It’s important to understand that just picking any old generator won’t get the job done. Installing a backup generator requires a commercial electrician to evaluate your power load so that it matches up with our building’s needs. It also has to be hooked up to your gas line so it will be functional in the time of need. 

Emergency Power Systems

Commercial Electric DFW specializes in advancing the state of emergency power systems. Commercial Electric DFW is committed to providing innovative solutions that reduce costs and improve We take pride in its history and reputation for excellence and integrity. Our success comes from superior service, knowledge, experience and a willingness to go beyond the expected for our customers’ benefit.

Commercial Electric DFW is dedicated to providing premier emergency power systems throughout the Dallas area.  We provide high-quality power distribution products and services at competitive prices and will also provide systems tailored to meet your specific requirements. Our professional staff is dedicated to providing service second-to-none by ensuring every project is completed with safety, efficiency, and dependability.

Commercial Generator Installation


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