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Commercial Emergency Power Restoration

When the power goes out in a small business, it can be devastating to your bottom line. This article will give you some practical steps that you can take to lessen the impact of this situation.

Preparing for a work power outage can be challenging. In the event of a power outage, it is important for employers to notify their employees and customers so that everyone can remain safe while minimizing profits lost. For example, an outage may limit customer access to the store since they are not able to find the location. Another effect of this would be limited Internet access which hinders quick responses from customer inquiries. A prolonged power outage in the workplace is a significant risk. You need to have a plan for what to do when your commercial or industrial facility loses power.

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What To Do Before A Workplace Power Outage:

  1. Make sure your employees and customers are safe. Remember to avoid using elevators and escalators when the power is out so as not to get fatally electrocuted. Be aware that nearby power lines may still carry current, so keep away from them at all costs. Lastly, have a replenisher water supply on hand in case the tap water at your business becomes contaminated after an emergency event.

  2. Every business should keep on hand an emergency kit stocked with emergency water, first aid supplies, flashlights and other essential items. It should be kept in an accessible place for employees to use as needed.

  3. Check your home in case of a power outage. When there is an outage, safety systems such as smoke alarms, sprinklers, and illuminated exit signs need to function in order to provide protection. Therefore, consider investing in devices that are battery powered so they will continue functioning during an outage.

  4. Power outages can be troubling for any small business, but generators offer a quick safety net. You’ll need to operate them safely and correctly in order to get the greatest value from your investment.

  5. To ensure the generator operates properly, make sure you have adequate ventilation and don’t plug it into power outlets directly. Never attempt to use a generator during periods of rain or other wet conditions, and let the unit cool off before refueling when necessary.

  6. Protect your equipment from surges with surge protection devices. Surges can damage sensitive electronic equipment, such as computers and manufacturing machinery. Investing in these inexpensive devices is far cheaper than the cost of replacing damaged gear or allowing lost productivity to go unaccounted for during storm or outage recovery. 

  7. Brownouts and blackouts are two different types of power outage. Brownouts are temporary, whereas blackouts can be permanent

What To Do During A Power Outage At Work:

  1. Immediately after a power outage, contact your utility and report when and where the outage occurred. For example, if you know there are downed power lines or other hazards in the vicinity, make them aware of this as soon as possible so they can respond to any danger. This is one of the most important emergency powering procedures for businesses because it allows the utility to address any potential dangers right away.                                            
  2. Disconnect any of your business’s large appliances, assembly lines and other equipment in order to prevent damage. Disconnection is a standard power outage procedure for small businesses—after all, you can’t keep your doors open without the equipment your company relies on.
  3. Plan ahead with a cloud server to ensure your business’s critical operations are not interrupted.Make sure the Wi-Fi network is running smoothly by purchasing a MiFi device and creating an emergency plan for when it goes down.
  4. There are a few things to do when the power goes out. First, be sure to keep refrigerators closed tightly and maintain a thermometer inside. Dry ice can also help with keeping food safe from spoilage for longer periods of time.

What To Do After A Commercial Power Outage:

  1. Reset the power to your business before returning to service. When you have confirmed that power is stable, check that major appliances are also in good condition before you restart them.
  2. Check your business’s equipment and appliances for any damage before operation resumes. Inspect plugs, electronic inputs, and wires for exposed or loose connections.
  3. To safely turn your generator off, you need to take into account how easily accessible the switch is and whether or not employees are aware of which switches operate which circuits.
  4. Tracking and recovering lost revenue after an outage is critical, but understanding the cost of the outages for your company as well as what actions can be taken to prevent future losses are also important.

Electrical Blackout

Electrical Blackouts are temporary power outages that can cause major disruptions to your business. Electrical blackouts can last anywhere from a few minutes to an hour or more and often cause major losses to production, supply chain, and customer service. Electrical blackouts happen for a variety of reasons-from downed trees or animals on power lines to extreme weather conditions-and unfortunately there’s not much you can do about it. Electrical blackouts are often caused by severe weather conditions or downed trees on power lines but the severity of the situation is usually determined by how many customers lose power as well as the length of time it takes for the utility company to fix them. Electrical blackouts also affect other utilities such as gas lines, which could lead to dry pipes and water damage to your home or business.

Circuit Breaker Buzzing

Circuit Breaker Buzzing. Circuit breaker buzzing is a common occurrence in any household that has the device present. Circuit breaker buzzing doesn’t always mean there’s something wrong with your circuit breaker, but it does indicate that something is going on inside the box that you might need to check out with a professional. Circuit breakers are designed to protect the electrical system from high voltage or current overloads by cutting power when these problems occur. Circuit Breaker Buzzing Circuit breakers are designed to provide a safety mechanism in your home for both you and your electrical system. Circuit Breaker Buzzing Circuit Breakers Circuit Breaker Buzzing Circuit breaker buzzing is the sound you’ll hear whenever a circuit is overloaded or out of balance with the amount of power demand being pulled from it. Circuit Breaker Buzzing Circuit Breakers Circuit Breaker Buzzing Circuit Breaker buzzing doesn’t necessarily indicate that there’s something wrong with your breaker but rather, that it has worked properly doing its job.

Eletrical Burning Smell Or Popping

An electrical burning smell or popping is not a good thing for your home or business. Electrical burning smells can be caused by any number of reasons, from overloaded circuits to electrical wiring that’s been damaged by water damage. Electrical burning smells can also be a result of the circuit breaker buzzing and being overloaded with power demands. Electrical burning smells usually emanate from an electrical panel, so you’ll have to investigate the panel to determine where the smell is coming from.

Commercial Emergency Power Restoration


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