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Commercial Ceiling Fan Installation & Repair

Have you been searching for the perfect modern ceiling fan to circulate air around your commercial showroom, restaurant dining room, or retail store? Industrial grade fans are designed for applications requiring an abundant and perfect breeze for customers and employees. 

Industrial ceiling fans were made to create an abundant breeze in large, open areas providing a great deal of comfort and air circulation for those using the space. The combination of high performance and simplicity make these big fixtures perfect for circulating air in large commercial spaces. Industrial-style ceiling fans with remote control and pull chains are designed for larger spaces so that those who work or visit won’t be uncomfortable. The most popular colors for these models are Matte Black, Chrome, Stainless Steel, Pewter, and Oil Rubbed Bronze.

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Whether you are looking for a commercial electrician for repairs or installation projects, including fans, contact Commercial Electric DFW to discuss your project!

Indoor / Outdoor Ceiling Fans for Big Spaces

Heavy-duty ceiling fans can make heating and cooling systems more efficient. In order to increase airflow and efficiency, the number of blades can be increased to meet the needs of the application. Some ceiling fans are designed to be used in industries that have specific requirements, such as a four-blade or five-blade fan. Whereas, windmills and larger blade span ceiling fans are meant for warehouses, large stores, and modern technical buildings where people may traditionally associate them with the home. These types of fans incorporate a great deal of style into their design and functionality. 

There are many different types of fan blades, light kits, and accessories that meet the criteria of the project. As commercial electricians, we are responsible for installing high-voltage fixtures in commercial spaces, including large buildings and outdoor settings.

Ceiling fans circulate more air in a wider range of space, which helps customers feel comfortable in commercial spaces. Outdoors, commercial businesses often require commercial-grade heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) equipment in order to circulate air at the right temperature so that employees, guests, other equipment, and goods can be kept at comfortable temperatures. 

Industrial-style fixtures often work well in industrial or other similar settings, but there are many different styles to choose from. Ceiling fans also come in a variety of colors and styles, which can be beneficial for companies that need to provide air circulation where there is public traffic. Retail stores are the most common location to find these types of lighting fixtures. Business owners who use commercial warehouse ceiling fans are often appreciative of decorative fixtures that improve décor and make a visit to the establishment more inviting.

At Commercial Electric DFW, we have been installing electric fans and lighting for many years, which means that no matter what your needs are for fixtures or fans we can provide you with the perfect product for your needs. Whether you’re a large organization or small business, we can help you find a ceiling fan that works for you!

Commercial Fan Solutions

Cool Your Customers

When using electric fans, it is best to push air in the direction of travel, rather than pull air from behind. This creates optimal airflow that can reduce a person’s effective temperature by as much as 8 degrees Fahrenheit. This will give you the freedom to raise your thermostat setting without sacrificing comfort and while decreasing energy bills in the process. It also allows people to make the most of spaces that are not airconditioned.

Increase Employee Productivity

People don’t tend to work as well when they are too hot. Airflow assists in evaporative cooling, which uses the body as a natural air conditioner and makes people more comfortable, which increases productivity and adds to you bottom line.

Conserve Heat

Running a large ceiling fan in reverse generates a gentle updraft, which forces the warm air off the ceiling and down into the occupied space, conserving heat and increasing the comfort level of guests and employees.

Commercial Electric Ceiling Fan Contractor


Commercial Ceiling Fan Installation

Ceiling fans are hardly a new invention, but with energy conservation becoming increasingly important and electricity bills soaring, fans are well worth considering as a solution for your commercial space. There are some really good reasons for choosing to install commercial fans in your business. 

Ceiling Fans vs. Air Conditioning

One advantage of an air conditioning unit is that it cools down the air in your home rapidly. However, they aren’t exactly cheap to run and they can dry the air out which causes respiratory and asthma problems in some people. Alternatively, a ceiling fan creates localized cooling by dispersing the air around the room. Installing ceiling fans is a far cheaper alternative to air conditioning and can also help you acclimatize to higher temperatures. Compared to air conditioning, ceiling fans use 65 watts of energy per hour instead of 2,200 watts per hour!

How much does a ceiling fan installation cost?

A fan is a very good investment in terms of money spent over time. Air conditioning units are expensive to buy and install, while fans are typically used to cool down spaces on hot days, reversible fans are also available that work by redistributing the rising hot air produced by heaters. The cost of the ceiling fan is the first thing to consider when installing a new ceiling fan.

Industrial Ceiling Fans

These commercial fans were designed for large spaces to provide maximum coverage. Industrial-grade ceiling fans typically have a higher air delivery and heavier duty motor than commercial grade. Perfect for both winter heating and summer cooling. These powerful industrial ceiling fans for use in heavy-duty settings feature curved blades and can be mounted at heights up to 25 feet. For continuous use, industrial ceiling fans are great for manufacturing facilities, warehouse and storage facilities, gymnasiums, and any place where maximum airflow is required.

Industrial ceiling fans are built to last! Reversible industrial ceiling fans can be used to pull air out of a room or push it up to roof-mounted exhaust fans. A reversible industrial ceiling fan is suitable for removing and preventing condensation from gathering on ceilings as well as other applications where drafts need to be eliminated. The industrial ceiling fan has many variable settings and specifications that the commercial business owner must be aware of. A single model commercial fan will not satisfy all applications for an industrial environment. Industrial ceiling fans are typically very energy-efficient and have a low amp draw. Three-bladed ceiling fans are industrial and typically do not have a light kit. If you see your fan has one, take a second look! It may be an ordinary residential fan in disguise.

Commercial Ceiling Fans

Commercial ceiling fans are designed for continuous use in applications such as classrooms, offices, retail stores, restaurants, and more. Commercial Industrial grade ceiling fans provide maximal coverage to keep people cool during the summer and warm during the winter. Commercial ceiling fans are perfect for stirring stagnant air in the summer and creating an evaporative cooling effect. Ideal for mounting heights between 10′ to 25′. All of our commercial ceiling fans are variable speed. The variable speed adjustment at lower mounting heights such as 15 feet and below is very useful because it allows you to fine-tune the airflow on your commercial ceiling fans. These commercial ceiling fans offer continuous, 24 hour a day service. They are strong enough to withstand outdoor use so there are many applications they can be used for!

General Suggestions

When installing a commercial or industrial ceiling fan, there are several factors to consider. When installing ceiling fans, it’s important to give the blades ample room without any obstructions. To get the best performance from a fan, it is important to mount it with adequate clearance above the floor. When mounting an industrial ceiling fan on a sloped ceiling, you’ll need to make sure there is enough clearance between the blade tip and the part of the ceiling that slopes towards (or away from) where it meets the blades. For Example: Mounting a 60″ industrial ceiling fan which extends 18″ from your roof to where it meets.

Heat Recovery

Industrial ceiling fans are typically a cost-effective way to cool an industrial or commercial building. They circulate cooler air from the ground, up and out of the top of the structure in conjunction with pulling warmer air that has accumulated at the ceiling down to create equalized temperatures.


Industrial ceiling fans, commercial ceiling fans, and agricultural ceiling fans can provide ventilation in the summertime and heat equalization in the wintertime. They are efficient because of the performance-to-power ratio, which is why they are popular for many different types of customers.

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