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Luxury Electrical Services For High-Rise Condominiums

Do you need a Condominium Electrician that can handle everything? As condo electricians, we are familiar with all sorts of condos: low-rise, high-rises, and even mid-rises. Condos are multi-unit dwellings which usually involve multiple dwelling units and common areas. Condominium electricians must often work in cramped spaces to ensure the safety of residents and crews. They also must adhere to stringent building codes because of this. We at Commercial Electric DFW have years of experience working on condo builds, and we will go through your entire condo from top to bottom to ensure that it’s up to code!

The team at Commercial Electric DFW knows the smart, tech-savvy tricks to making big buildings function in a way that saves time and resources. When you need to hire an electrician for a high-rise, there are often specific needs that need to be met so you’re sure your selection is going to work out.

For example: 

  • High-rises may be fed power sources from more than one city.
  • High-rise buildings typically have several transformer circuits. These may be located on the ground floor as well as higher in the building.
  • Most high-rises are wired with both low and medium-voltage cables, which is in contrast to the use of low voltage wiring in single-family homes.
  • Most high-rise buildings, as opposed to single-family homes, use three-phase current.

If your electrician does not understand how to work on high-rise buildings or luxury spaces, they may cause more problems than they solve. If rewiring is needed, a lack of understanding can create big issues the cost time and money to fix. 

Condo electricians understand and  are familiar with Condo Code. Condo Code is a set of rules and regulations meant to protect both the residents and property managers of condo developments. Condo Electricians have read, understand, and abide by Condo Code because safety is the most important thing to consider! We know that Condos come in all shapes, sizes, and levels of luxury. Condos must be wired according to their specific (cubic footage) needs because Condo Code is based on a square footage basis. Our Condominium Electricians know exactly how much wire to use, and Condo Code mandates that we leave 110% of that amount available for future changes. 

Condos have very specific wiring needs when it comes to lighting fixtures; not all light fixtures are created equal. For example, some units might have 2 or more entryways which each require an electrical box with its own dedicated switch. The Condominium Electrician must take this into account and wire accordingly. Condo Electricians know Condo Code, and they know how to apply that Condo Code to every condominium project they may work on. 

At Commercial Electric DFW, we are Condo Electricians who can bring you peace of mind knowing you’re up to code, while making sure that everything we do is done efficiently. This is why we’re the best condominium electricians in the Dallas Metro. We specialize in condos, so you can rest easy knowing your Condo is wired according to code!

This is why we’re the best condominium electricians!

Are You Relying Too Much On Your Maintenance Crew?

Regardless of the day-to-day tasks, your maintenance team members are not licensed electricians. To avoid risking people’s safety and property, you need to call on a professional who is well equipped to fully understand all building codes, endangerment assessments, and proper wiring techniques. You don’t need to worry. Commercial Electric DFW has the tools and experience necessary for work in high-rise apartment buildings. Being familiar with the specific buildings has helped us to understand them better. We can complete our work in a timely and cost-effective manner because of this past experience.

Condominium Electrical Services


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