Apartment Complex Electrical Services

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Apartment Complex Electrical Services

In today’s modern world, the need for electronic devices and lighting is growing exponentially. Apartment complexes have become highly popular over the last decade which has caused an increase in demand for electricians who specialize in complex wiring systems and other electrical needs for apartment communities.

An apartment complex electrician is a professional who works to ensure that large buildings are properly connected to the city’s power supply lines, installed with proper outlets and switches, and wired to accommodate new appliances, smart devics, or tools being used by residents across multiple floors. Apartment complex electricians provide power not only for lights but also for elevators and appliances such as microwaves or washer/dryers on each floor of multi-story properties. Apartment complexes range from small buildings containing fewer than ten units to large structures with hundreds of units. As apartment complex electricians, we are also often employed to update wiring in older buildings and to replace faulty electrical equipment such as switches, outlets, or light fixtures.

Commercial Electric DFW specializes in providing services to apartment complexes and other large communities. Apartment complexes have specific needs depending on the size and number of units, so it is important for professional electricians working at these properties to maintain their expertise through ongoing training and continuing education workshops. Apartment complex electricians must be able to meet strict deadlines on a regular basis while maintaining a professional attitude regardless of interruptions caused by malfunctioning appliances or weather-related outages. 

Commercial Electric DFW specializes in multi-family electrical services and has provided outstanding service to over 1500 apartment units through the years. Whether your complete needs new lights installed or repairs of any kind, our experienced electricians can deliver professional results.

Let Commercial Electric DFW handle all of your power-related issues that affect your apartment complex residents. We’re here for you 24 hours a day and we have the expertise to help with any electrical problems in apartment complex environments:

  • Outlet installation and repair
  • Interior and exterior lighting 
  • Ceiling fan installation
  • Electrical wiring and rewiring
  • Security and landscaping lighting
  • Swimming pool electrical services

For businesses that are new construction or currently undergoing a remodel, we can provide design and implementation of electrical systems that are efficient and safe for your building’s layout. We also create lighting plans including exterior lights to ensure the safety of your tenants and employees!

Apartment Community Electrical Challenges

Commercial Electric DFW performs apartment electrician services, including electrical repair and installation services that are performed in Apartment buildings. Apartment buildings have a lot of specific challenges that electricians need to consider, including the safety of residents as well as the need to maintain electrical services in a close community. Apartments fall under a set of rules known as “Multi Dwelling Unit” or MDU. The U.S Department of Housing and Urban Development authorizes Apartment leasing agents to make their own decisions when they come to Apartment wiring requirements in MDUs. Apartment electrician services will need at least two poles and sets of wires per Apartment unit with no limit on how much the wire can hold or where it goes in order to prevent Apartment electrical fires.

Typically, Apartment buildings have one Apartment meter which is shared by all of the Apartment units in that building. Apartment wiring and switch installations must be performed according to their local jurisdiction’s Apartment wiring standards or Apartment wiring codes depending on where they are located and who lives there. Apartment electricians need access to both sides of any walls, floors or ceilings in order to complete their work safely without compromising the structural integrity of the building itself. Apartment electricians may also install smoke detectors to stay in compliance with apartment building codes. 

Electrical Inspections for Apartment Communities

Because failed wiring is a leading cause of property damage and injury in fires, we offer comprehensive electrical safety inspections for your property. Our licensed electricians will do a thorough check of all wires and components to ensure that everything is up to code, safe, and functioning correctly.

Apartment Complex Electrical Services

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