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Commercial Security System Installation & Repair

Modern companies face a growing number of security and safety concerns. The last call you want to get is the one giving you the news that your security alarm system has gone off in the middle of the night. An appropriate alarm system focused on prevention and meeting the risk profile of your business can provide you with superior security services and peace of mind all day, every day. We provide a variety of commercial security installation services, including alarms and surveillance equipment installation, access control, safety, vandalism, and loss prevention. Our goal is to help you protect your business 24 hours a day.

Commercial business owners are typically most interested in a company’s physical security. A great place to start is securing the property and ensuring the safety of equipment, staff, visitors, equipment, and information. It is also important to keep construction sites secure from vandalism, trespassers, or theft.

A commercial security system has several components. These may include:

  • Access control
  • CCTV camera
  • Intruder alarms
  • Perimeter security
  • Fire detection systems
  • Integrated systems

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Commercial Security

Keeping information, inventory, and employees safe at the work location is a critical part of running a business. This is often referred to as loss prevention or asset protection. Commercial security refers to the method by which a business or commercial property protects itself against theft, fire, damage, or destruction.

There are many ways commercial buildings can protect their property with security, including locks, iron bars, alarm systems, computer security software, and monitoring video. Installing less expensive locking systems and window and door bars can provide a simple yet often cost-effective measure to guard against unwanted intruders. There are various types of locks and bars for commercial property that can be installed to help keep things safe. Commercial security locks can be used with bars to provide large-scale protection or separately as one solution for all your safeguarding needs. 

Although we do not work in the installation of physical deterrent systems, we can help with any system requiring electrical wiring including key, code, electronic, or other types of security based on the level of threat that you face.

Alarm systems for businesses vary depending on the size and type of buildings. Simple window and door alarms are often accompanied by more elaborate, remote-enabled alarm systems. 

Commercial alarms are triggered by a device that sets off a high-pitched sound and is remotely connected to an outside phone line that calls the police or fire department when the incident occurs. In today’s world of high-tech crime, Internet information theft has led commercial establishments to take measures to protect their data stored on servers and computers with commercial security software. Computer security software, such as anti-virus and firewalls, can be used to protect information from being illegally obtained or used. Commercial security firms are often contracted to monitor servers round the clock. Commercial Electric DFW can help anytime electrical wiring is involved in the installation of the systems. 

Businesses may install video monitoring in addition to other security measures such as locks, bars, alarms, and key cards. Cameras can be hooked up to an individual’s computer so the person monitoring can see what is going on live and alert authorities when suspicious activity takes place. Video systems are excellent for making a record of events in the hope that they could be used in court to prove crimes or hazards have occurred and to protect commercial property. For some commercial establishments, the use of online security personnel is preferred over having an on-site guard. The level of protection varies depending on the needs of the organization.

Security Access Control

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Commercial electrician access control permits authorized personnel into commercial buildings. Some electronic access control systems may allow access using credentials such as:

  • Passwords
  • PINS
  • Tips Keys
  • Access badges
  • Fingerprints in various places
  • Keys are locked
  • Key fobs
  • Request video verification

CCTV Security Solutions

A centralized system can connect to a database of authorized personnel and provide access information if the individual is an authorized user.

Surveillance cameras usually use a central system, such as a DVR or computer to collect and store images from individual cameras. Cameras can include features such as:

  • Infrared, Night vision
  • Facial recognition or license plates
  • Motion-sensing lights
  • Lighting

An issue that should be addressed when installing a CCTV system is the quality of recorded footage and camera resolution. If the video is to be used in a legal proceeding, it needs to have high quality and good clarity. One difficulty large organizations experience is monitoring camera feeds in a cost-effective way. Video analytics can help automate CCTV monitoring with video footage without the need for additional staff members to analyze the footage.

Video analytics is the process of analyzing video output for recognizable patterns of movement that might be associated with suspicious behavior. This can allow surveillance to focus on potentially important events. Indexing and time-stamping video files can make finding the right footage easier.

CCTV images can be transmitted to a remote monitoring facility or accessed through mobile devices, which allows the authorities to take action as necessary.

Perimeter security

Commercial electricians are trained to install perimeter security that will keep unwanted people from access areas with things like walls, fences, infrared beams, and bollards. Access control systems may be installed at the points of entry.

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Intruder Alarm Security Systems

An intruder alarm is a security alert system that detects unauthorized entry into an installation like buildings, rooms or safes. Intruder alarms can work through a number of sensor types, such as:

  • Insulate and seal switches
  • Passive infrared motion detectors
  • Photoelectric beam system
  • Glassbreak detectors

Sensors near points of entrance or exit allow systems to identify when interventions are needed. These sensors send signals back to a central control unit via wireless or wired networks, which can be managed from a remote facility if desired. Intruder alarm systems typically emit an audible alarm which serves the multiple purposes of drawing attention to the break-in and to repel intruders who may want to stay onsite.

Commercial Fire Detection Systems

A fire detection system can have a number of components including:

  • Alarms 
  • Manual pull stations send alarms
  • Smoke detectors
  • Evacuation signals and signage
  • Carbon dioxide detectors

Similar to intruder alarms, we are able to install fire detection systems that include remote monitoring.

Integrated Security & Alarm Systems

Institutions can benefit from security assessments to find out about their existing needs and potential weak points. Our qualified electricians can then offer advice on which components are necessary to assemble a system that reduces incidents. They also assess the needs of their customers based on local crime trends. In order to ensure the safety of their tenants and employees, commercial electricians should make sure that their security features are up-to-date. Systems and procedures should be tested by professionals on a regular basis.

Commercial Security Assessments

Providing services that include access control, alarms, sensors, and response systems will result in higher efficiency and better decisions. This often includes a wider building management system that provides more control for weekends, holidays, and nighttime security while also turning on lights or controlling cameras. Electrical systems may operate across a number of sites.

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