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Commercial LED Lighting Installation

Lighting is challenging to figure out in any commercial setting. Every space has different needs so it is best to consult an expert electrician before installing a new lighting system. At Commercial Electric DFW, we provide solutions for both indoor and outdoor applications that will fit every need you may have. LED can help reduce any safety issues because it emits bright light and uses less power. From high bay fixtures to T8 tubes, we are familiar with all types of LED products that will ensure your commercial space is running efficiently and meeting all codes and regulations. LED lights not only emit bright light but also use less power than traditional bulbs, providing a healthier work environment. We install a wide selection of high bay fixtures along with flat panels, T8 tubes, and wraps that will help your commercial space meet all lighting requirements while being energy efficient. LED commercial lamps might be more expensive to purchase and install, but their lower energy consumption quickly offsets the higher upfront price. Furthermore, LEDs emit very little wasted heat so they are much cheaper to power over time.

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Commercial LED Lights & Fixtures

LED fixtures are perfect for warehouses and garages, with a life of up to 200,000 hours. They can be installed flush against grid ceilings in offices and retail spaces as well because they have an edge-lit design that produces a smooth light. For settings where there may be water or other potential damage, vapor-proof and vapor-tight fixtures are perfect for your needs. These fixtures provide extra durability and protection, so you don’t need to worry about anything coming into contact with it. LEDs last longer and have fewer replacements needed, making them perfect for mounting high-up fixtures. Plus, they do a better job of rendering colors than traditional lamps. With lower wattage and a longer lifespan, LEDs are much more environmentally friendly than traditional light bulbs. With a color temperature that matches natural lighting, they can also provide better illumination for plants or artwork hung higher up on the wall where you may need to use ladders or lifts to reach them. Inside your commercial space can positively or negatively impact the productivity of your workers and the number of goods and services your customers purchase. When choosing which type of lighting to buy, it’s important that you’re going to get something that will fit your needs; whether you need something large like a gymnasium or manufacturing facility or a small retail store. Studies have shown that the type of lighting installed makes a huge impact on work performance, so it’s essential that you’re considering buying the right type of lighting when it comes to your commercial space. Our professionals can light spaces of any size; from large gyms and factories to small stores and anything in between.

We are familiar with a diverse range of lighting options, and our licensed electricians can help you find the one that best suits your needs. We have commercial LED solutions from many recognized brands to meet your needs. Customers facing energy savings challenges should find solutions with Commercial Electric DFW, a leader in LED commercial lighting. Enhancing safety and security while maximizing space efficiency is just the start of what we do to meet your needs.

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