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Multi-Family Electrical Services

Multi-family electrical services can be beneficial for a lot of reasons, but the main goal is to provide a safe and reliable source of power that can keep up with the needs of any home or building with more than one resident. It’s important for these facilities to work in unison, which is why Multi-Family Electrical Services are so important. They can accomplish this by installing more breakers, adding grounding rods, and more.  Multi-Family Electric Services can be helpful for Multi-Family Electrical Services in a variety of ways!

Common Electrical Problems in Multifamily Properties

Dimming lights, heavy utility bills, and flickering are common signs that it may be time to call a multi-family electrician in Dallas. Tenants who have these problems should not wait for their buildings’ owners to take care of the issue. An electrician can diagnose which problem is happening and fix it quickly while ensuring the safety of all tenants. Some of the most common issues a tenant might face are dimming lights or with higher than usual utility bills due to reduced electricity usage during off days (usually weekends).

A multifamily electrician in Dallas will know what needs to be done and how much it’ll cost before he goes into your property. Multi-family properties may need to be insulated and have more wiring installed for the power needs of two or more individuals in each unit. Multi-Family Electrical Services are a simple thing that can save tenants and property owners a lot of time, money, and help avoid the embarrassment of dealing with unprofessional issues such as flickering lights and dimming electrical appliances.

Frequent Electrical Surges

A heavy storm may cause power outages on occasion, although wiring should be set up in a way that minimizes or prevents damage. If there are power surges during an infrequent weather event, it might mean faulty appliances will need to be replaced; if the instances happen frequently, maybe you have bad wiring at your property. Installing a new smart meter may also provide protection against surges, as many of them have been shown to offer more safeguards than standard meters. As well, an electrician will evaluate existing wiring that’s in place at your property and determine if proper grounding has been done correctly.

Circuit Overloads

Older multi-family properties are particularly vulnerable to overloading circuits because their wiring isn’t designed to handle the additional load from modern electronics. Some high-wattage items such as computers, hairdryers, and microwaves draw electricity from the same source (e.g., one outlet with multiple plugs) and may create an overload on circuits. To prevent circuit overload, a Dallas-based electrician should take these steps:

  • Installing electrical outlets to help disperse power usage
  • We recommend installing the appropriate type of surge protector for your home
  • If you notice corrosion on the circuit breaker, it may need to be replaced

Faulty, Worn, or Outdated Wiring

In some multi-family properties in Dallas, TX, old wiring and newer wiring may exist side by side. Electrical surges or overloaded circuits can damage both types of wire. If you have outdated wiring that needs to be replaced, an electrician can provide an estimate for the cost-effective and minimally disruptive way to get the job done right.

Signs of faulty or outdated wiring in a home are:

  • A higher-than-normal electrical bill
  • Due to inconsistent power, light bulbs tend to burn out quickly and can be replaced by a dimmer electrical service
  • Flickering Lights
  • Charred or discolored outlets and switches
  • Burning smell

Multi-Unit Electrical Wiring Considerations

Multi-unit real estate properties, such as condo buildings, apartments, and senior living communities, have their own special electrical needs. The most important thing is to ensure that power can be reliable in each unit. New automotive technology has also led to a spike in the demand for electric charging stations – which are large and require repetitive construction to accommodate them.

In order to guarantee safety for both occupants and the property, it is important that qualified electricians install the wiring correctly. Unfortunately, there are many misconceptions about electrical wiring. The experienced technicians at Commercial Electric DFW can help you get your wires green-lit for multi-unit residential and commercial properties.

Key Priorities for Electrical Systems in Multi-Units

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When multi-unit buildings are upgraded or renovated, it’s key for the property owner to invest in electrical wiring that not only meets today’s codes but can also accommodate future needs. The first step is to select a wiring system and layout that meets National Electrical Code regulations.

Wire length and gauge:

Poor wire lengths can create short circuits or other wiring problems, and the choice of wire gauge is critical to any wiring installation. Your electrician should take into account why they are being used before choosing the size. Incorrectly matched wires pose a risk of fire or intermittent operation.

Grounding and bonding requirements:

These precautions are for safety. Both serve as the foundation of any electrical system–grounding protects against electric shock while bonding aids in current flow, grounding helps distribute power to sensitive equipment with minimal risk and disruption. Despite the risks, multiple plugging in devices can be a reality for many property owners and business operators. Luckily there are ways to prevent overloads from occurring on your home circuits by installing more outlets or modifying wiring within the building.

Selecting the circuit protector:

Lightning and utility surges are a serious concern for those buying multi-family properties. Select an appropriate surge protector based on protection zones, such as lighting appliances, building systems like sprinkler systems, or electricity supply. Proper in-ground and above electrical system framing can help to prevent weathering, water spills, dirt, debris, and accidental contact that could otherwise shorten the lifespan of circuits.

Multi-Family Electrical Services


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