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Whether your electrical needs are for office, retail, hotel, restaurant or hospitality, or commercial space, contact Commercial Electric DFW to discuss your commercial electric project. With over decades of professional experience, we’re dedicated to providing fast and efficient electric repairs & services at fair, honest pricing.

Commercial electricians are not usually thought about until needed. This may be because you only notice once the electricity fails in your commercial property, which typically doesn’t happen often unless you live somewhere with harsh winter conditions or unreliable weather, and even when it does, you can usually flip a breaker and solve the issue. 

As electricians, we are trained and licensed to work with all types of electrical systems and diagnose problems that may arise. We are responsible for installing, repairing, maintaining, and servicing electricity in commercial buildings across the Dallas Metro.

An electrician may specialize in a specific area of expertise such as appliances, lighting fixtures, or HVAC equipment, or like Commercial Electric DFW, we are able to install, diagnose and repair all types of commercial electric needs. In addition to our hands-on duties with diagnosing and repairs, we also manage the installation process from start to finish by coordinating schedules with clients and subcontractors to create the best final result for our clients. We also ensure that all necessary permits have been obtained before beginning any projects onsite at commercial customer locations.

With over decades of professional experience, we’re dedicated to providing fast and efficient electric repairs & services at fair, honest pricing. Our company mission is to provide the highest quality commercial electric contracting services at competitive prices while delivering high levels of customer service throughout the project.

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Whether you are looking for a commercial electrician for repairs or installations, contact Commercial Electric DFW to discuss your project!

Commercial Electrical Repairs

Commercial electrical repairs depend on the type of commercial building where the repairs are needed. For example, in industrial facilities and service enterprises, electricity is required for manufacturing processes or other necessary tasks such as pumping water up to a reservoir. Thus commercial electrician services are needed quickly when there’s an outage or something has malfunctioned requiring immediate attention. While larger buildings usually have their own emergency generator system that kicks into gear during power outages, smaller businesses may need assistance from a commercial electrician at any time of day or night because they don’t have enough storage capacity for energy consumption within their premises.

We specialize in the installation and maintenance of electrical fixtures as well as troubleshooting. Our crews are skilled at diagnosing and repairing switches and outlets that malfunction and need to be replaced. Another common issue os the fuses may be too small or too weak for the amount of power coming through the system. 

Our teams are experienced in regulating and maintaining meter boards, installing lighting fixtures, controlling the traffic flow of electricity from distribution panels for any number of circuits, and installing wiring for communications networks. In our trucks, we carry a variety of tools including measuring instruments such as voltmeters, voltage testers, ammeters, or continuity testers so we know when there is an issue with power going through lines. We also carry pliers to cut wires if necessary and wire strippers which make it easier to strip the insulation off of wire strands for repairs that may be necessary. 

If your office or other commercial switches or outlets are sparking when you plug in a device, have buzzing noises, can no longer hold plugs, or creates any other interference with the outlet, give us a call to come out and take a look so we can diagnose the issue. 

Panel Upgrades

Electric panels and transformers may need to be upgraded when c doing a commercial repair or installation. In the case of a building that needs an upgrade to its outdated panels, it’s not just up to the property owner or business owners in charge of managing their own electricity usage. Installing new boards these days is expensive because they’re more efficient than older models, so there may be additional charges coming from every person who uses power at the location. When businesses can’t cover those expenses themselves, then they might turn to financing options like leasing equipment for a few years or taking out loans over long periods of time to pay for the upgrades. It all depends on what kind of situation each company finds itself in and the resources available. 

If your electric panel or transformer is over 10 years old and has not been inspected for a while, call Commercial Electric DFW, our inspections cover both safety precautions and necessary upgrades.

Electrical Transformers

An electrical transformer is a system that transfers electric power between circuits through electromagnetic induction. As it provides the most efficient way of stepping up voltage for transmission over long distances, with little energy lost in the process, transformers are used where there is no direct current or alternating currents available at any desired voltage.

Transformers come in all sizes and shapes but they’re always made up of three parts:

Two coils called windings (or sometimes loops) connected by an iron core. The core of the transformer is metal usually made of iron or steel, so it has low magnetic permeability and high electrical resistance. A laminated core is constructed using thinner sheets of metal to reduce the weight per unit volume. Then there’s a secondary winding that is wound around two conductors called ‘spools’. One spool provides electric current to the primary coil while the other collects current from it.

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Commercial Lighting Installation

Lighting Installation is a great example of the type of work we do every day. If you need a new lighting installation in your restaurant, school or office building, we’re here to help you!

Our services include indoor/outdoor lighting installation from full office and commercial bathroom installations to recess lighting, dimmers and sensory lights, we’ll create a plan that works for your property and budget.

Lighting Fixtures in Commercial Kitchens

Commercial kitchens need great lighting for efficiency and accuracy. Commercial kitchen contractors will usually suggest that the ceiling height is at least 12ft high and preferably higher to help make it more user friendly for chefs and other kitchen staff working on a daily basis. If there isn’t enough space in the kitchen, an island or peninsula can be used as well so it doesn’t take up valuable room when people are working with one another. Regardless of the set up, proper lighting is essential and lighting fixtures can present many challenges in commercial kitchens such as where they should go, how much light should shine down, and over which areas of the kitchen. Although there’s no easy answer, every project is different and there are many options to choose from.  

Commercial Parking Lot Lighting 

Commercial parking lot lighting is important because it’s one of the first things a customer notices when they enter your property. A well lit commercial building sends an immediate message to customers that you take safety seriously and want them to come back again in the future. The best lighting for this area would be high pressure sodium (HPS) fixtures, which emit a bright yellow glow similar to sunlight. We install systems that automatically adjust lights at different times throughout the day so people have enough illumination during night hours as well as daylight hours without wasting electricity or money on excess use.

Commercial Solar Array Installation

Within the Dallas commercial property sector, solar panels are becoming more popular. It’s important to have a good grasp on regulations that govern what can and cannot be installed in different locations such as:

  • Building codes, zoning ordinances
  • Insurance requirements
  • Local utility companies

An understanding of regulations ensures that all installations are done according to safety guidelines and federal standards. Because we specialize in commercial projects, we have gained experience with metering equipment from utility companies. Any time we are designing an installation site, we take all kinds of things into consideration, including location, altitude, slope angle, sun orientation, etc. to ensure the best outcome for the installation. 

Commercial Machinery

Electrical work on commercial machinery such as commercial electric motors, commercial lighting fixtures, or power distribution equipment increases the complexity of commercial electric projects and varies from a small space to an entire office building. We’ve worked on all types of installations, service and repair on all types of wiring systems including high voltage switchgear. We also safely use testing instruments such as voltmeters, ammeters, and ohmmeters in order to troubleshoot potential problems with circuits or individual pieces of machinery.

Commercial Celing Fans

Ceiling fans work very well in commercial buildings because they provide cooling by drawing in air and circulating it around the room. Ceiling Fan installation can also create energy efficiency in a commercial building. Ceiling fans can be installed to help cool the office space during hot summer days, save on air conditioning costs, and create an environment that is pleasant for employees to work in.

Having ceiling fan installations throughout your business increases comfort levels while lowering energy consumption at the same time. Ceiling fans create more circulation which will remove odors from cabinets or break rooms and make it easier for staff members to comfortably move around within their workspace.

We offer installation, repair, and maintenance on commercial and industrial and warehouse ceiling fans to suit your needs. 

Commercial Security Systems

We find that most commercial buildings have a security system installed or plan to have one installed as soon as possible. Security Systems are very important for almost any commercial building because the system can provide protection and safety for the staff or clients, as well as deter potential thieves from entering the premises. 

Security systems placed at entrances and exits, along with any high-risk areas such as bank vaults or jewelry store display cases, loading docks, stock rooms, showrooms, and office areas.


CCTV cameras operate on the same principle as a household camera. The lens system inside a CCTV camera can be fixed or have auto-tracking features and is usually set to take an overall view of the scene. We are often called upon to install, repair or maintain CCTV devices and other security systems for clients in businesses across various industries.

CCTV and other security systems can require expertise in fields such as electrical systems, computer technology and video production that we have gained over years of completing projects involving these systems.

Intruder Alarm Systems

Commercial intruder alarm systems are a great way to keep your commercial property safe. Commercial intruder alarm systems are commonly used by commercial establishments, such as retail stores or office buildings. These systems can offer increased protection to a commercial establishment from break-ins and theft because they are monitored by a central station that will dispatch police in the event of an emergency situation.

Commercial intruder alarm systems have saved many business owners from imminent loss or damages to property and inventory. Security experts say that an intruder alarm system is a must for any commercial property because these systems can protect your assets and alert you to illegal activity in real time, so it’s important not to wait until something goes wrong before taking action.

Fire Alarms

Commercial fire alarm equipment is important for commercial buildings because they help detect fires quickly and control the spread of fire by alerting everyone in the vicinity that they are in imminent fire danger and scaring people away from a building. This means that fewer people will be endangered by toxic fumes. These fire alarm systems also alert the right organizations in charge of emergency services like firefighters so that more lives and property can be saved. Commercial fire alarm systems come equipped with many different types of sensors from smoke detectors to heat detectors that provide total coverage over all areas where there is risk for fire, including doorways, wall outlets, floor coverings, ceilings, and ducts.  

Smoke Alarms

Commercial smoke alarm equipment is important for commercial buildings to keep employees and customers safe from any potential smoke situation that may arise. When we install these fire and smoke alarm systems may include battery back-up, manual call points, hardwired fire detection, and more. When installing new equipment or responding to an alarm condition, we will inspect existing wiring circuits and detect potential hazards such as overheating wire insulation, loose connections and broken wires that could lead to short circuit fires and smoke conditions if left unchecked.

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