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Commercial Electric DFW offers professional commercial electrical services to companies and general contractors in the Dallas, Ft.Worth and surrounding areas.

From small family businesses to large warehouses and office buildings, our team provides safe and reliable electrical installation and repairs to meet all of your commercial electrical needs.

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Commercial Panel Upgrades

Commercial Electric DFW provides quality commercial electrical panel services for business owners in Dallas and the surrounding areas.

An electrical panel is the heart of your commercial businesses’ electricity system. It provides and regulates all of the electricity into your building to power machines, equipment, computers, lights, HVACs, and more. You have to be sure that your electrical panel is running at full power at all times. If not, too much energy will flow on any wire and there can be a fire in your building.

There are signs that it’s time to replace the electrical panels. One important factor is the age of the existing panel. If your panel is more than 10 years old, it’s a good idea to have a licensed electrician inspect the panel for faults or damage. Other signs that your panel may need replacement is if you hear cracking or other noises from the panel, if you see any corrosion or rust on or around the panel, or if the panel is warm to the touch. Another important sign is when equipment, appliances, and electronics are not running at full capacity. 

The two components of a panel inspection include an evaluation and updating. At your request, we will look over your existing electrical panels to determine if they need to be repaired or upgraded.

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Commercial Panel Maintenance Service

Upon evaluation from our certified, highly trained commercial electricians, we’ll determine if a maintenance repair service is sufficient to fix any issues with your electrical panel. Over the course of an inspection, our technicians will check the electrical panel and wiring for damage. Finally, we’ll assess your entire business’s electrical system to make sure it can sufficiently regulate power for your company.

If necessary, we will provide an estimate and the repair details including pricing and timing. Panel maintenance repairs can include rewiring, installing additional circuits, relocating the panel, or other minor tasks to ensure your panel is operating efficiently. These tasks help avoid a major upgrade and keep you protected while in use.

Panel Upgrades

Electric panels and transformers often need to be upgraded when repairing or installing electrical systems in a commercial building. In the case of upgrading an outdated panel, it’s not just up to property owners who are in charge of managing their own electricity use. Installing new electric boards can be expensive because they are more efficient and so there will be additional charges for each person who uses the power in a commercial building according to the lease and ownership structure. Businesses might be required to take out a loan over longer periods of time or lease equipment for a few years in order to cover the expenses associated with upgrading their panel.

If your electric panel or transformer is over 10 years old and not inspected for a while, call Commercial Electric DFW. Our inspections cover both safety precautions and necessary upgrades.


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