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Working as professional electrical contractors, we understand the challenges and consequences that even minor errors may cause in your commercial, hospitality, or industrial building. We also understand the high cost of being out of operation and the financial losses and impact that can quickly add up in such situations. For these reasons, we strive to provide the best service possible while taking all of your business and commercial needs into consideration.

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Electric Panel Replacement, Installation and Upgrades

Electric panels are the core of your commercial property’s electrical system because it acts as the central point of distribution for all electrical needs within your commercial property or store unit. The commercial electric panel is the point of entry for electric directly from your utility provider. Proper maintenance or panel upgrades are essential to ensure electricity is being distributed properly and efficiently throughout your building.

Common Electric Panel Issues:

  • Blown Fuses 
  • Tripping Breakers 
  • Lights Flickering
  • Unusually High Energy Costs
  • Appliances or Equipment Not Functioning Properly
  • Major Renovation Causing Increased Electrical Demands
  • Corrosion or Rust on the Breakers or Panel
  • Additions of Large Appliances Like Air Conditioners or Other Equipment

You will experience many benefits from upgrading your electrical panel to meet the current and future needs of your commercial property. In addition to added safety, you will find a greater level of efficiency and consistency in your electrical system. 

What Are the Benefits of a Breaker Panel Upgrade?

Choosing to upgrade and replace your commercial electrical panel is not an easy decision. Of course, replacement will almost always be more expensive compared to breaker panel repair, it is important to consider the effect on other electrical components such as wiring that may need to be replaced in order to be compatible with your new upgraded panel. However, despite the potential cost of electrical panel upgrade and replacement, there are many situation where this cannot be avoided and there are a number of benefits that come with upgrading versus repair.

Improved Performance

Commercial Electrician Dallas Texas

Many older commercial properties of all types in the Dallas area are often designed to accommodate a much lower amps of power for the entire property than is usually required in the modern world of technology and electronics. As you add more and larger appliances, as well as all types of electronics, your electrical system can easily become overwhelmed and unable to deliver electrical power safely and efficiently and may fail completely. By upgrading your electrical panel, you’ll be able to install a brand new panel that will accommodate the appropriate levels of power that you need to deliver to meet the needs of the building occupants. 


Lower Energy Costs

The fact is that newer electrical panels are built to run more efficiently. They include the latest in materials technology and efficiency which allows are more steady flow of electricity throughout your entire system. This leads to lower energy costs due to improved efficiency and performance, which can add up quickly when considering the high costs of heating and air conditioning in the extremes seasons of Texas weather.

Added Safety

When your electrical system has to work too hard, it experiences unnecessary wear and tear that takes its toll over time. Eventually, it’s common to experience blown fuses and tripped breakers, while in more extreme cases, burned wires and general power outages may be common. By replacing the breaker box or electrical panel, you will rest assured that your electrical system is working safely and efficiently.

Increased Property Value

Investing in any commercial property through a panel upgrade will almost always result in higher property value. While ensuring the property is up to code and providing power safely and efficiently, it will also lower energy costs overall, which may affect CAM costs and factor in to the leasability of your commercial property or individual units. 

Commercial Electrical Panel Upgrade Dallas


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