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From small family businesses to large warehouses and office buildings, our team provides safe and reliable electrical installation and repairs to meet all of your commercial electrical needs.

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An electrician is a skilled, licensed tradesperson who installs and maintains electrical systems. With training and licensing, electricians are able to install electrical systems of all types. Compared to other construction-based jobs, a commercial electrician is the hardest to enter, requiring a lot of heavy training as a trade. 

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Licensed Commercial Electricians

What It Takes To Become A Licensed Electrician

Becoming a licensed electrician requires three steps. First, one has to complete an apprenticeship program, which generally includes classroom courses mixed with hands-on training. In addition, the future electrician must shadow a master electrician or an experienced journeyman.

This stage of education takes about four years and courses generally include 144 hours of classroom technical instruction and 2000 working hours on the job.

After one year of training, a journeyman electrician can work with you supervised by another licensed electrician. Then, after graduating from an electrician training program, additional examinations are required for licensing. 

The licensing system for electricians determines the different levels of experience. For instance, you begin as an apprentice and work under journeymen electricians to get more experience before taking a test to become a licensed, fully qualified electrician with your own team.

Become A Journeyman


Another more advanced step is becoming a journeyman electrician, which allows you to work on larger and more complicated projects without any supervision. Apprenticeships are required by each state to obtain a Journeyman’s license. This typically entails coursework and being an apprentice. Once you have completed these requirements and met the necessary work hours, you can take your test to get your license.

Become A Master Electrician


There are many different levels of electricians. Master electricians are the most qualified professionals and can work on commercial or residential projects while also managing any electrical issues. At the master level, you have a lot more responsibility for developing plans for projects. People who reach this level are already electricians and have worked under a master electrician for some time. This experience is necessary in order to pass a state’s Master Electrician Certification Program and accompanying exam, which is required for their final license.

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Breaking Down Electrician Licenses and Certifications

While it’s important to reference what your state’s electrical certification requirements are, an electrician needs to have a license in order to work. These designations usually demonstrate a person’s proficiency in a certain area like specialty wiring or troubleshooting.

A commercial electrician is engaged in the profession of electrical installation and maintenance, ensuring that such installations meet all safety regulations. Commercial electricians focus on wiring fixtures such as lights. They also maintain and install new equipment or updates merged with the public’s power supply. For those wanting to advance in the commercial electrician industry, there are many certifications to gain. Only one caveat: only look for the issue of a certificate from a respected institution.

Regardless of level, an electrician must have a strong understanding of the tools and techniques involved in safely doing their job. 

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At CE Electric Highland Park, our number one commitment is the safety of our electricians and customers! We work as a team to create an environment with a goal of zero workplace incidents.  In fact, safety is a big part of our company culture and is a part of our operating procedures. Everyone’s safety depends on attention to detail to ensure that installations and repairs are completed safely and efficiently!



We built our business success on a foundation of service and relationships with customers and the greater community. CE Electric Highland Park is honored to earn the loyalty of our customers by putting people first at all times. This philosophy is encouraged in our company culture throughout our leadership teams, foremen, and journeyman at all job sites. 


Our integrity is fundamental to our business success! The mission of all of our leaders and teams is to create amazing projects for our clients and the larger communities we serve in the Dallas Metro and beyond. Our integrity is based upon honesty, reliability, fairness, and accountability to our teams and customers at all times.



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